Financial Policies

Automatic Tuition Charges: Classes are ongoing. Tuition is charged automatically unless BCB is notified by email of withdrawal before the tuition due dates. Once charged, there are no refunds.

Billing: Two email alerts are sent before a new session begins

Dates (start) for Sessions and Open Registration: Session 1: Sept 6, Session 2: November 14, Session 3: January 23, Session 4: April 10, Summer Session: June 19. Sessions are approximately 10 weeks each. Session 2 is 8 weeks, tuition will be adjusted once registered.

Financial Aid and Payment Plans: are based on need, class level, and available school funds. Limited supply is targeted to most advanced students.

Faculty: Particular faculty members are not guaranteed for specific classes. No refunds will be given for a change in faculty.

Late Charge: Tuitions not received by the due date will accrue a $20 late charge immediately. After two late charges, families will be required to pay for the year in full or the student may not take class.

Merging of classes may occur if a class is under-enrolled. There are no refunds.

Non-Payment of Tuition: Students may not participate in class until tuition is paid in full.

Payment by Year: Due Sept 6 (5% savings for the school year). Contact BCB office.

Performance Fee (Pre-Prof only): Ballet 1: $100, all others $200. This fee is non-refundable.

Portal: Use BCB's portal for all interactions with BCB. Students who leave BCB will not continue to have access to the portal and will need to re-register.

Pre-Professional Program: is a year-long program with structured mandatory classes and performances.

Registration: A credit card is required to register. Tuition is processed immediately. There are no refunds.

Registration and Insurance Fee: An annual fee for all students for the school year (September through August). It is mandatory and non-refundable $55 charge paid during Session 1 or when a student registers.

Service Charges: Service charges will be applied immediately on declined credit cards ($20).

Wait-List: Full classes are available to wait-list. Entrance into the class is based on the date the student was wait-listed.