Class Descriptions

Dance with Me (Age 2-4, 45 min., 1x wk) Toddlers learn about music, movement, and ballet alongside their parents or guardian. Exercises and activities are designed to cultivate student coordination, as well as rhythmic and creative abilities. Students use their imaginations, using parent modeling, to learn basic movement skills.

Pre-Ballet 1 and 2 (Age 4-6, 45 min., 1x wk) Students explore movement, develop gross motor skills, coordination, and learn preliminary ballet technique.

Pre-Ballet 3 and Ballet Basics (Age 6-8, 45 min., 1 hr, 1x wk) Students develop a basic ballet technique focusing on posture, flexibility and strength.

Child Ballet (Ages 8-14, 1 hr, 1x wk) For students interested in exploring ballet, focusing on the fundamentals of ballet including posture, turnout, strength, and flexibility.

Beginner/Intermediate Adult Ballet Series (Ages 14 and up, 1.5 hrs, 1x wk) For adults and teenage students whether beginning, or continuing, their dance education. A complete ballet class including barre and center focusing on balance, flexibility, strength, and technique.

Pre-Professional Program:

Ballet 1 (Age 8, 2x a week) Young students study the basic foundations of ballet. These skills include posture, turnout, positions of the arms and legs, flexibility, and coordination.

Ballet 2 (Age 9, 2x a week) Students with at least one year of formal ballet training continue to build their basic foundational skills while learning new steps.

Ballet 3 (Age 10, 3x a week) Students with at least 2 years of formal ballet training have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of ballet. These students continue to learn new steps and begin to combine steps into movement phrases. Musicality and performance quality are emphasized.

Ballet 4 (Age 11, 3-4x a week) Students with at least 3 years of formal ballet training continue to expand their movement vocabulary while maintaining strong fundamentals. Musicality is emphasized and more complex movement phrases are introduced. Performance quality develops and roles become more challenging. In addition, students of this level begin preparing for placement on pointe with pre-pointe classes.

Ballet 5 (Ages 12-13, 4-5x a week) Students with at least 4 years of formal ballet training continue to develop their ballet technique with more advanced steps in longer movement phrases. Ballet 5 girls, that have been approved, begin basic pointe work. These students develop more advanced performing skills and corps de ballet expertise.

Ballet 6 (Ages 14-18, 4-6x a week) In this class, students with at least 5 years of formal ballet training are expected to have a complete understanding and control of ballet fundamentals.  Students focus on consistently achieving complex movements while developing musicality and artistry as well as increasing their agility and strength on pointe. Their performance quality and musicality are challenged by roles that are, if appropriate, smaller group or soloist parts.

Pre-Professional Summer Workshop for Ballet 1- Ballet 6 (Mid-June to Mid-July, 9am-3pm)
Is an optional, but highly recommended, intensive program. This workshop gives the student 150 more hours of experience in dance. Students are encouraged to participate until their sophomore year of high school after which they are supported to audition for national professional workshops. Attendance and progress in this program can affect class placement and casting. Entrance by audition only.