I have a daughter and son that are currently training at Berkeley City Ballet (BCB). They have been training there since the ages of 5 and 6 and are now in high school.

I am very pleased that my kids training has lasted this long. My kids have developed their own desire for ballet, and I am convinced that the fun and welcoming environment at BCB made this possible. My kids have learned about hard work and dedication, while also haveing their love for dance nourished. They have grown to be confident, grounded and graceful. I believe the ballet skills and training experiences have made them exceptional in many other areas of their lives.

BCB encourages the high school age students to explore summer programs from other large ballet schools across the nation. The preparation at BCB has clearly been high quality, and both of my kids have been accepted into summer programs including San Francisco Ballet, Alonzo King Lines in San Francisco, Alvin Ailey in New York, and City Ballet School in San Francisco. It is an honor that my son was offered a space as a full time student at San Francisco Ballet School. We owe it all to Berkeley City Ballet.

Kimberly Guerrero
BCB Parent