Welcome to Berkeley City Ballet

Registration is open for:
Summer Session: June 20-August 27
Visiting Week August 22-27

Fall Enrollment begins August 8. Classes begin September 6.
Enrollment is ongoing. New students are pro-rated and rates adjusted at Registration.

Registration and all transactions for BCB are easy to do online, just click on Ā«To RegisterĀ» to begin!


Established in 1974 as a non-profit, Berkeley City Ballet remains a consistent and enduring part of the city of Berkeley.

For forty two years Berkeley City Ballet has created a safe, caring environment for students of all ages and levels to learn to dance and to perform. Students often begin lessons at a young age and grow up in our school. This gives them a special community, committed to them for the long-term. In this community they gain skills, not only in ballet and dance, but  also discipline, focus, respect, confidence, bravery, team-work, and poise. All of these skills support the student for a lifetime. Berkeley City Ballet believes that learning to dance well can also be fun and that each student can gain immensely from this art form.

Berkeley City Ballet is committed to our mission of bringing cultural enrichment, as well as an awareness and appreciation for the art of dance, to the diverse East Bay.


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